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about me

noelle dwyer
owner + instructor

Although I did not start my career in the health + wellness world, it has always been an important part of my life.  After leaving a 10 year career in the fashion industry in NYC, my husband + I moved to Bronxville, NY to start our family.  I struggled, as many do, to find the balance I needed between, family, work + a fitness regiment that fit my lifestyle.  I discovered the barre + meditation in 2015 + found everything I had been looking for to get my mind + body connected.  After becoming a certified barre + meditation instructor + completely my reiki master program, it was very important to me to begin to share this technique with other people looking for this same connection.  


The development of solo barre came from the very organic idea to provide a successful technique in an intimate setting, where form + timing can be consistently perfected.  It felt very natural to incorporate breath work, meditation + reiki into my practice, as it enhances 

the alignment of mind + body

 Life should be lived with joy, gratitude + a dedication to being present in the moment. These feelings inform + guide my teaching, which

is focused on helping my clients better connect to

themselves + everything around them.

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